GroupWise: Andy's tips

  • Determining if you have the sufficient amount of RAM on the server running your post office(s).
      Total up the size of all the *.DB files (ignore any .dba, .dbb, .dbc...etc) in the PO\OffUser and PO\OffMsg directories. This number should be less than the Cache Buffer memory (Monitor, System Resources) on that server for optimum performance.

  • If you can't manage that much RAM, watch the LRU Sitting Time (MONITOR > Available Options > Disk Cache Utilization.) during peak usage when the server has been up a while. If the number is consistently under 1 hour and/or often dips below 30 minutes, then you really need more RAM. More on LRU Sitting Time.

Useful TIDs    search for them on your Support Connect CDs or at Novell's Knowledgebase
2933234 - GroupWise Message Store Maintenance
2956138 - Freeing Up Disk Space on a GroupWise 5.5 PO (applies to all 5.x)
10008297 - Top Down Rebuild a GroupWise 4x system
10007365 - Top Down Rebuild a GroupWise 5x system
10012370 - GroupWise 5.5 Agent Undocumented Switches.
10012858 - NDS maintenance. Make sure your NDS is healthy as that's where parts of GroupWise's configuration is stored.
10025211 - Things you should know about GWCHECK
10050740 - Index Directory Size Too Large

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