Andy's GroupWise 5/6 Automated Maintenance

Here are a couple of links to the Novell recommended regular maintenance.
"TID 10008654-Regular database maintenance"
"TID 10008201-What regular database maintenance is necessary on a GroupWise System?"

Ensure that the PO and Domain objects have an appropriate GroupWise ID set as admin/postmaster to receive any system messages that the following routines will generate.

All GroupWise 6 system maintenance, MUST be performed using ConsoleOne. You can use ConsoleOne to perform GroupWise 5 maintenance if you have the snap-ins set up properly (see next point)

Make sure that your NWAdmin/ConsoleOne is properly snapped-in with the relevant GroupWise hooks so that you can go to the Tools menu and see 'GroupWise View' as an available option.

In NWAdmin/ConsoleOne, go to the details of the Post Office Agent (POA) object
- select Scheduled Events tab.


  • These events only have to be created once for the whole mail system and as such need to be done by a User with rights to the Primary Domain. They then only have to be activated on a POA by POA basis.
  • Do make sure you check the errors at the end of the Contents Check every once and a while to make sure there are no problems brewing!

  • Additional Relevent TIDs for reference:
    10027846 - Scheduled Events for POA
    10023861 - Secondary domain administrator cannot change or create scheduled events
    10021870 - Changing a Scheduled Event on one POA affects all POA's in the system  

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