GroupWise 4.1a Maintenance/Repair Routines
For GW 4.1a being converted to 5.x:
  and/or to be run once every 6 months or so

Make sure that ALL the users are off and that all MSs and OFSs are shut down. (To be sure, look on Monitor, File open/lock activity, go to the Domain dir and make sure nothing has the WPDomain.DB file locked and the same for WPHost.DB file in the PO dir.)

Make sure that you running with the highest speed link possible, as this will make a significant difference on some of the later parts of these routines. (i.e. use at least 100Mbs if at all possible.)  

Make sure that your AD.exe is dated 1996-2-01 or later.

TID 2942200 for TimeZones info. Time Zones MUST be correct and now is the easiest time to fix.

Run this ver of AD.exe /d-c:\windows\temp (make sure windows\temp or similar temp dir exists!) and select in turn the relevant 4.x Domain and then POs and hit F6. (Edit) Confirm that the 4. Directory is correct (e.g.. M:\GW_D) and confirm/enter the correct UNC Path: (e.g. \\SERVERFS1\SYS\EMAIL\GW_D). Close AD (F7) and restart it making sure there aren't any errors relating to the 4.x objects you were working on.

Again start AD.exe /d-c:\windows\temp, select the 4.x Domain, Alt-T, *Database Management, Validate, then Rebuild Database, and then Rebuild Indexes for Listing. Do the same for the POs. Generally this should be done starting with the Primary Domain first, but the timing doesn't have to be too tight for it.

For each PO, run "OfCheck menu" for each of the tasks listed below, making sure that you are running version 4.1c3 or later (ver 4.1e is only available as part of a complete patch kit for GroupWise 4.1) for the rest of the steps. Make sure that the correct PO directory and name are entered. The Fastest way to run all this is to copy all this (WPTools directory) down to a fast PC with enough space ( > twice the size of contents of OFMSG and OFUSER) , freshly defragmented, with a fast link to the server. Run OfCheck in a full screen DOS session with the screen saver disabled, with as much conventional RAM available as possible (preferably >600KB).

  • User Maintenance: enter a valid user name, select 'A' for Actions, 'T' for Structural Rebuild, and then change the User field back to ALL, make sure that Files = User & Msg, and then process it. 
  • Then run Analyze and Fix on the post offices, with the following options:

  •      Structure, Index options selected (NOT: CONTENT with STRUCTURE), against the User and Message databases till it runs CLEAN. (If you have errors reported you needed to run this again with the same options till it is CLEAN.) 
  • Then run OFCHECK again on the post office, UN-MARKING: STRUCTURE and MARKING: CONTENTS. Run this till it runs clean. 

  • NOTE: OfCheck 4.1d occasionally has problems with Verifying attachments files for the Post Office, switching to OfCheck 4.1c3 fixed this. 
  • Run the Orphan Cleanup, Run this till it runs clean.
      (Press A to get the options to switch Actions.)

  • NOTE: this process is sensitive to the amount of Conventional memory available and I've had it fail with as much a 580KB free, so you may have to do some memory management juggling on a DOS booted desktop to get it to work. 
  • Analyze and Fix, MARKING: both STRUCTURE and CONTENTS. Run this till it runs clean. This should come clean on first pass, if so you are done, otherwise run once more then go back to the first Analyze and Fix. 

Once you've made it this far you should probably make a nice clean backup with all the agents OFF. Then you can either start your upgrade or let the users back at their email (hopefully the line up at the server room door isn't too long by now).

Relevent TIDs for reference:
10008297 - Top Down Rebuild a GroupWise 4x system
2941232 - a nicely worded pre migration maint schedule if mine is not quite up you alley

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