GroupWise Maintenance/Repair Routines

For GW 4.0a being converted to 5.x:
Make a full back up of the domain directory and any PO directories that will be involved.  Make sure that nothing else is touching any of the files in this system (as detailed in above mentioned article).

  • Copy in the GW4.1a version of AD.exe (dated 1996-2-01 or later), lc.exe & wp_ad*.* may also be needed, to domain\wptools directory. Make sure that you don't overwrite any WP*.D? files. You will have to add in the UNC address for each of the Domains and POs and can do so when asked to verify them in the next steps where you continue with

  • For GW 4.1a being converted to 5.x:

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Last updated 2000-02-07