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GroupWise Maintenance Routines

Full maintenance/repair routines to be done before conversions and at least once a year

Always make sure you have a current complete backup before doing this. 
To be sure that you are set up correctly to do so, see http://www.nwconnection.com/jul.98/pracnt78/index.html as many net admins aren't backing up their systems correctly even though they think they are. 
No matter what, you should manually make a local copy of the Primary Domain database: wpdomain.db. 

These instructions assume a basic understanding of the tools in question. If you have never seen the tools mentioned, then it is highly suggested that you consult with an appropriate expert or RTFM

Unless otherwise instructed:   if there are error messages, stop and get them figured out.  Call co-workers, your favorite integrator (Ainsworth :), and/or Novell if necessary. 

For regular maintenance/repair (once a week to once a month)
All you really need to run is an Analyze & Fix of the Structure for both User and Msg databases.
In GroupWise 5 this can be automated and is best to be set for every Sunday AM when the active user count is the lowest and the system isn't doing anything else. 

For GW 5.x before any conversion/major upgrade, and at least once a year: Novell TID 10007365 - Top down rebuild

For GW 5.x, automated maintenance that handles most of the above step

Andy's general GroupWise tips, tricks, and useful TIDs.

For GW 4.0a being converted to 5.x:

For GW 4.1a being converted to 5.x: and to be run once every 6 months or so

These instructions were written by Andy Konecny, (andy_konecny @ ainsworth.com) and he deserves all the credit!

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