GroupWise Add-ons!

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The Scoop, not in any particular order.....

Solution Providers:

Beginfinite: - GWAVA (GroupWise Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam)

DWS Tools and Enhancements:
    MailWise - Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus
    Systems Analysis and GroupWise Consulting
    Exchange competitive information

    ContactWise - Shared Add-On Contact Manager Address book for GroupWise
    ContactLink - Connects GroupWise with contact management packages
    such as ACT!, GoldMine, Sidekick, or Maximizer.
    Siris - Workflow, Helpdesk and more.

NetMail: (many add-on products)
    GWGuardian - Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus for GroupWise 
    GWArchive - Email Retention & Archiving for GroupWise 
    GWExtranet - Dynamic Web Calendar for GroupWise
    GWFax - GroupWise Fax Solution 
    Storage Analyzer - A data migration simulation and reporting tool

    GEEWhiz - Anti-Spam, Anti-virus
    eControl/HDU - Helpdesk User Management
    CCUWeb - Web GroupWise Calendar
    GWEmailer, GWMail merge
    Password synchronization
    PLUS: Mass User Import, Random User generator, Common Calendar, Common Rules, and Common Proxy utilites


Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus: (SW + Service) (SW + Service) (HW + Service) (Service) (Service) (Service) Referral Link based (eg. free) Spam Filtering Service

Research In Motion's Blackberry for GroupWise!
RIM's Slideshow on the product is here or download pdf (6.7 MB)
Blackberry for GroupWise Features and Benefits (244k pdf)

Exchange To Groupwise Migration

Exchange Issues documented

Backup Tools and Utilities:

Veritas Backup Exec for Netware (and GroupWise)

ArcServe Backup Agent for GroupWise, and ARCserveIT Backup Agent for Open Files

GWBACKUP.EXE and DBCOPY.EXE, enable you to maintain database integrity
while backing up your GroupWise databases.

GroupWise Fax Integration:

Accpac/Computer Associates FaxServe for Netware (and Groupwise)

Castelle Faxpress

Messaging Architects - GWFax


GroupLink - Sirus, Easy flexible workflow

Voicemail integration:

Callware Voicemail integrates into GroupWise Universal Mailbox

Active Voice integrates into GroupWise Universal Mailbox

Applied Voice integrates into GroupWise Universal Mailbox

NexCard for GroupWise
    NexCard is a networkable, shareable and highly flexible address
    book replacement for your GroupWise system.
    Works with GroupWise (16 & 32 Bit), Cheyenne Faxserve, Netscape,
    Compuserve, AOL, MS Office (Outlook, Word, Internet Explorer),
    Corel, FedEx Ship etc

Concentrico Reach for NDS, GroupWise Edition
    NDS based address book that exposes NDS objects (users/contacts) to GroupWise

Scott Lewis GroupWise Add-ons:
    Featured Tools include...
    - A Universal GroupWise import/export tool
    - Remote GroupWise Timer
    - Convert MS Schedule+ calendar data to GroupWise Appointments.

Novell Cool Solutions Free tools - GroupWise add-ons and much more!

SMTP/POP3 tools and systems: (for GroupWise and others)

Chimera Internet Software and their Email Forwarding Server (Win32)

I-Mail for NetWare, and the inexpensive "GroupWise SMTP Blind Forwarder" licence

Developnet's Internet Mail Forward

Matt Weisberg's GroupWise tools: (he writes C3PO's)
    GroupWise User Import utility, GroupWise Password Reset utility,
    and Web Stats from GWCheck

Brian Andreson's GroupWise 'Add-ons':

Tim Musson's Groupwise Perl Solutions:

Other Links

GroupWise Best Practices:

How Dave Does it:

Tay Kratzer's Hot Docs:

GroupWise Deployment Guide:

Compaq GroupWise 5.x Server Sizer Tool:

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