With updates for the Toronto and Ottawa
area GroupWise Administrator Groups

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I ran the Toronto and Ottawa GroupWise User Groups for many years.
Some of the content on this site is from that time.


Of course with all the years of participation in the GroupWise space since 1994, you'd think I learned a thing or two.

So YES, I am available for on-site and telephone consulting, project work and all manner fo optimizing, consolidating and troubleshooting. Here's my Resume.

Please contact me by clicking here.

Andreas Bach
Grand Pooh-Bah, Toronto GroupWise Administrator's Group (GAG)


For many Groupwise Utilities and Add-Ons, click the gears!

Groupwise Routine Maintenance

For Andy Konecny's procedures to keep things humming, click here!.

GWCheck Switches
Bob Jonkman from City of Toronto created a great list of all the
(secret?) options you can use when running the GroupWise maintenance tool, GWCheck.

  Support Resources
The GroupWise support pages, has all the latest TIDS, Top Issues, FAQ's and file updates. Cool Tricks
The GroupWise latest Patch List is the fastest way to make sure you're up to date!

Novell Support forums (discussion groups) 
comp.groupware.GroupWise UseNet Discussion Group via Google's web-based newsgroup reader.

GroupWise logoGroupWise Corporate home page. In case you forget to look periodically. 

  Learning GroupWise

All the Documentation and Manuals for Admins and End users of GroupWise. 

BrainStorm Inc
is the premier reference and training materials site.

Books! GroupWise Administrator and End User Guides are available from Amazon, as well as Danita Zanrè and friends at www.caledonia.net who have the ultimate GroupWise Upgrade Guide, WebAccess on Apache/Tomcat, and GroupWise Document Management Guide.



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